Various Artists – The Chronicles (Volume 1)

Various Artists - The Chronicles (Volume 1) - Modular Expansion records MELTD01

Various Artists – The Chronicles (Volume 1)

MELTD01 – Digital Compilation
JUL 2016 – Modular Expansion records


Modular Expansion Records is an independent record label founded in 2012 by George Apergis & Alex Retsis, and based on the Modular Expansion Events that George Apergis runs since 1998. The label’s name “Modular Expansion”, is inspired from the early analog modular synthesizers, in which different parts were connected with each-other, forming an expanded domain. The label releases all types of formats, from limited artistic vinyl and cd to quality digital EP’s. The label’s roster includes artists like Emex, Truncate, Zadig, NX1, Johannes Volk, Dave Trarrida, Lee Holman, George Apergis, Alex Retsis, Ray Kajioka, Unam Zetineb, Dave Miller, Axel Karakasis, Birth Of Frequency, Invite, Dave Ellesmere, Avadon, Hommé, Absent, Stardice, Module One, Alpha Dawn, Echøurn, Moving Thoughts, Nadja Lind, Sender Berlin, Mikael Delta, Scan Mode and many more


Track List:

  1. George Apergis VS Alex Retsis – Telesto
  2. Homme – Vier Haufen (Scan Mode Remix)
  3. EMEX – 0011010
  4. George Apergis – Ekhowax (Truncate Remix)
  5. George Apergis VS Alex Retsis – Minthe (Lee Holman Remix)
  6. Avadon – 01 (Unam Zetineb Remix)
  7. Absent – Cycle II
  8. Module One – Relay
  9. Moving Thoughts – Friction Of A Mind (Invite Remix)
  10. George Apergis – Quelle
  11. Stardice – Variables by Sound