Absent – Lessons Learned EP

Absent_Lessons Learned EP_Modular Expansion records_MED008



MED008 – Digital EP
DEC 2014 – Modular Expansion records


With this 3rd Release for 2014, Absent returns to his first love for stripped down intelligent Techno music. Abstraction has always been one of his biggest interests.The Cycle II track is inspired by Absent his interests for film noir, imagine yourself moving towards a purpose and then you suddenly get stuck trapped in a loop but the world around you keeps on evolving. Thats where the strings take over. Less one, has a German Club Feel, it s based on how he Imagine a place where he have never been that kicks hard in your face. It builds up with a minimalistic kick that punches hard and a Chord stab accompanied by a subtle baseline to make the groove rolling. Less is more they say, so imagination is your freedom. Center Of The Empty Plank Length is made from sounds that he recorded from a dx7 and evolver the drums are 909 as you can hear also this track builds up from deep within and then chaos opens up when the strings arrive. What is real to human beings is what we can perceive with our senses. The structure of life is something that you can’t understand if you don’t force yourself to think out of the box.


Track listing:

1. Cycle II (Original Mix)

2. Less One (Original Mix)

3. Center Of The Empty Plank Length (Original Mix)


Written and produced by Yann Van Uffelen

Artwork by wedonotcare.com