George Apergis

George Apergis is the co-founder of Modular Expansion records & the manager of Modular Expansion events.
He began his musical career as a Hip-Hop DJ in the early 90s and later on developed to be a Techno DJ & event organizer. He continues to be one the most quality Greek DJs and still plays music only on vinyl. His personal sound is a mix of electronica music, based in minimal deep techno & tech-house and of course 80s and 90s classic vinyls, all blended with his unique mixture.
His latest release is “Quelle” a techno track remixed by Johannes Volk, Zadig and Lee Holman,released from Modular Expansion records. He has also released several tracks on labels like Sabotage, Omega Audio, F2 Recordings, unGleich records and in collaboration with Christian Cambas at Bellboy & Audio Therapy records. He has released 3 cd compilations with worldwide artists like Memory Foundation, Oliver Huntemann, Thomas Schumacher, Stephan Bodzin, Renato Cohen, Zoo Brazil, Beroshima, M.A.N.D.Y., John Tejada, Alter Ego, Isolée and labels like Intec, Central, 20:20 Vision, Get Physical, Playhouse, at Freeze mgzn and the mini album “Remember”, including a Dave Tarrida remix on In Fact records.
George Apergis has produced remixes for VGO on “Robot Flense” under TDS records and De Vox on “Bring It Again” under Housevisions records.
He’s also active as a member of the Athens Voice newspaper & Soul magazine and as a journalist he worked in several music magazines like Sound Maker, Oxy, Partysan, Freeze, Lemon, Fast Forward where he promotes Techno in Greece.
As an organizer and DJ he has played along side Carl Cox, Chris Cowie, Funk D Void, Dave Tarrida, Alexander Kowalski, Adam Beyer, dj Rolando, Darren Price,Pacou, Substance, Vainqueur, Sender Berlin etc. He has performed in famous European clubs such as Tresor in Berlin, Moog and Macarena in Barcelona, Luzztro in Warsaw and Gorod, Neo, Open Kafe, Severnoe Depo, Atoll in Moscow and in the most prestigious clubs and festivals in Greece.

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