Moving Thoughts

Driven by their shared passion for electronic music, their love for the nerdy-side of sound-synthesis and the fun they had making music together, early 2012 marked the beginning of the musical cooperation of Kaj Tyszka & Michiel Steennis as Moving Thoughts. Slowly and gradually, filling a live set in order to eventually share their passion with an audience became a goal to work towards for both. Tyszka and Steennis strongly feel that the growth of their passion and dedication to Moving Thoughts is exponentially related to the ongoing process of gaining knowledge in the field of sound-synthesis and mixing techniques, in which they are welcoming support from everyone.

When it comes to the artistic interpretation of their project, both Steennis and Tyszka share a distinctive but like-minded view on the direction Moving Thoughts should start – or maybe say continue – following. In their own words, Moving Thoughts is and will remain to be about music as a means of transmitting feelings and moving people primarily. They also both mention the sheer importance of the ‘fun-factor’ of music production and friendship, which shapes the solid base their project is built upon.

October 2013 marks the release of their maiden EP dubbed ‘Brainfunction EP’ on the Rotterdam-based label ‘DNA_rec’ and their debut in one of Rotterdam’s finest clubs, Perron. The laying of the first cornerstone has been done. In May of 2014 released Schizophrenia EP on Modular Expansion records including remixes by Dave Miller, Invite and George Apergis VS Alex Retsis.