Dez , Aka Davide Rovito, is a veteran of electronic scene since 1990. He developes his attitude with “Passaggi e Mutazioni” a multimedial performance focalized on the social meaning of art in the underground culture. After that he lives for two years in London where plays and collaborates with “The Institute Of Goa”, few years later starts the Random/Noize project with ilic and Massimo Luciano. In ’96 comes the first release on Marco Carola’s label “Design Music”. From ’96 to ’98 he is a “Llivello 57”’s resident dj in Bologna, where davide and ilic begin to perform their liveset. Now he’s running with random/noize two techno-oriented labels: “Informale” and “De Styl”.  From 2000 to 2005 has has been part of the minimal techno project with Mario Masullo: “Defrag Sound Processing”, that is also a label. this is an open system where to  put differents realities associated by the same “noise” and “non conform” attitude. The same concept is the radix of Defrag collective (Dez, Ilic, Mario and Terra) a recording pool that mix differents backgrounds united by a common passion for sounds, research and electronic gear.
In 2008 Dez move from Napoli to Milano where he lives till 2011, working with with Electronix Network Distribution…. now is back in Napoli collaborating with label such as Etichetta Nera and relaunching Defrag.

Distorsonie Festival (link – Bologna) – Dissonanze Festival (Roma) – Arezzo Wave Elettrowave (Arezzo) – Sintesi Festival, Lo Sguardo Di Ulisse, Velvet Club (Napoli) – Fireclub (Berlin) – Tanzhalle St.Pauli (Amburgo)-  Le Batofar (Parigi)-Le Dans Club (Tolosa) – expo H.O.P alla maison du theatre et de la danse di  Epinaix sur seine (Parigi) – Istantanee performing fest (Roma)
Recensioni : Stampo alternativa ” Mondo Thecno” Andrea Benedetti
Documentario “Tunza Tunza” Canal Plus ( Francia), la 7 (Italia)



Syncsite Ep (12″) Design Music
Laifstail (12″) Audiodrome
Circumstance(s) (12″) Informale
Multiform (12″) Informale
Reset Device (12″) Design Music
Trans-Humanza (12″) De Styl Recordings
Blacklab Ep (12″) De Styl Recordings
Contrasequentem (12″) Defrag Sound Processing
V.A. MikroFunk (12″) NeutonMusic 001
Ogm Ep (12″) Defrag Sound Processing
V.A. Avatar 41° (Cd) Defrag Sound Processing
V.A.  Follie Digitali (digital only) EtichettaNera



Syncmode ep (12″) Informale
First Contact (12″) Untitled
Mutter EP (12″) Defrag Sound Processing
Go Away (digital only) Etichetta Nera endgt006
Breezer (digital only) endgt006
Step by step (digital only)  endgt019
Off the Wagon and under the wheels ep (digital only) endgt024
T U N N E L, Lightweaving, Part II (Dez Remix) (digital only) [ webuildmachines ]


Tracks Appear On:
Neapolis (2×12″) Design Music
Neapolis (CD)  Design Music
Elesbaan Isoghi Urban Mixes (CD) Derby
Soma Experimental Club (2xCD) Derby
Zenit CD Mix 1 (CD)  Zenit