Couch Lock

Mannheim’s DJ, producer and label owner Couch Lock made his frst experiences as an artist in the Drum and Bass scene in 2002. Mainly infuenced by dark atmospheres and driving drum racks he never lost his interest in music production besides playing various gigs and hosting his own successful club night “Life Support”. The shift of direction from Drum and Bass to Techno came naturally after a few successful live performances.
Since early 2010 Couch Lock has been producing driving techno beats with the right portion of groove and has, as of now, over 20 releases on such labels as Frakture Audio, Tanz Factory, Naked Lunch, Limit, Gobsmacked, Amazone Records und Techno League.
In 2011, encouraged by the consistent positive feedback on his production, Couch Lock started his Label “Mechno” in order to release tracks on his own. His main goal is to release futuristic music that is in touch with the latest trends. Since the start of the label artists such as Cortechs, A. Trebor, Plankton, Philipp Kipphan, Andrea Belluzzi, Urbano, Yan Cook, Octave and M.A.D.A are part of the Mechno Artist Rooster.
In tandem with releasing music Couch Lock played various clubs in all of Germany such as Krefeld, Heidelberg, Osnabrueck, the Rheingold in Duesseldorf and the Tresor in Berlin as well as guest performances in Utrecht (the Netherlands). Couch Lock’s productions receive support by current international artists such as Speedy J, Lucy, DVS1, Marcel Fengler, Alan Fitzpatrick, Markus Suckut, Giorgio Gigli, Jeroen Search, Dimi Angelis, Drumcell, Cassegrain, Tadeo and Truncate.
Releases on: Mechno, Frakture Audio, Limited, Plastiq Records, Gobsmacked Rec, Transmissions, Triskel-Tech Rec, Divided, Lung Filler, Eyecatcher Rec, Traxacid Rec, xe:tech:no, Voodoo Records, Naked Lunch, Tanz Factory, Mekanism
For 2013 his frst bookings and residencies include Cologne, Osnabrueck, Mannheim, Heidelberg und Frankfurt. In addition there are going be more releases on Mechno, Mechno Labelnights and of course Couch Lock productions on renowned labels.



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