Modular Expansion has founded by George Apergis and has run successfully in 1Athens, since 1998. The name “Modular Expansion” is inspired from the first analog modular synthesizers of which different parts were connected between each-other, forming an expansion.

Modular Expansion records were established in 2012.They already have plenty of vinyls, cd and digital releases.  Label roster includes artists like Emex, George Apergis, Hommé, Developer, Truncate, Zadig, Brian Sanhaji, Alexander Kowalski, Subjected, Studio 416, NX1, Johannes Volk, Dave Trarrida, Lee Holman, Ray Kajioka, Module One and many more.

Modular Expansion Events were established in May 1998, Athens. In 2012 create also Modulation events.  The team features a group of experienced people with specialized knowledge in the world of Techno, who put their efforts to distribute the culture of Techno music in Greece. They already have hosted a lot of international  artists from around the world such as Adam Beyer, Truncate, Ø [Phase], Drumcell, Shifted, Psyk, Alexander Kowalski, Dj Rolando, Dj Bone, dj Pete aka Substance, Vainqueuer, Brian Sanhaji, Distant Echoes, Subjected, Radial, Lee Holman, Funk D’ Void, Dave Tarrida, Minilogue, Chris Cowie, Carl Cox, Pacou, Sender Berlin, Darren Price and many others.

Modular Expansion Podcast series have founded in 2013. They have featured a premier list of international artists and have received widespread recognition.  Modular Expansion Podcast series have included exclusive sets from artists like Alberto Pascual, Alex Bau, Alexander Kowalski, Arnaud Le Texier, Bas Mooy, Beroshima, Charlton, Damon Wild, Dave Tarrida, DJ 3000, Drumcell, Echoplex, Emex, Emmanuel, Endlec, George Apergis, Gez Varley, Jeroen Search, Jerome, Joachim Spieth, Johannes Volk, Lee Holman, Luke Hess, Ness, NX1, Oliver Kapp, Philippe Petit, Plural, Radial, Ray Kajioka, Roberto, Roman Lindau, Truncate and many more.